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No data model or schema

Your application logic doesn't need models or schemas - it needs objects, arrays, maps, etc.

Completely opaque database

All your data is available as if it was held in variables within the local memory of your application.

No query language

The query language is your application development language - Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, etc.

No frameworks, no APIs

Use the same for, if, etc statements and expressions you're already familiar with.

Massively parallel

Parallelizes your application code automatically and runs it across many nodes for almost real-time performance.

Handles arbitrary complexity

Write entire algorithms to explore similarity and 'likely' equality, to extract patterns, predict outcomes and many more - and build them directly in your app.

Why use mishmash io?

Build smart, predictive features for your app:

Data is the foundation for success in the digital age, and with mishmash io you can emulate the industry giants and explore your data to its maximum potential.

But use the skills you already have:

A software developer will be able to:

  • Handle massive amounts of data
  • Explore patterns in real-time
  • Develop predictive algorithms
  • Compute at scale and with speed
  • Give your users the features of the future!

One thing is obvious today - we're entering a new era in computing and software development: the era of Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. And their applications across industries are so broad that it is difficult to list all the reasons why they matter so much.

You can find some suggestions though on our case studies page.

And you can contact us - we promise to come up with ideas for you, perhaps too many! :)

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