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Introduction to mishmash io

  • mishmash io is a distributed database of a new kind.

    It fits the typical application software designs, like frontend -> backend -> database.

    Unlike other databases, with mishmash io you develop smart, predictive, data-driven algorithms (like ML or AI) and it executes them in parallel to give you speed and performance.

Developing with mishmash io

As a database, with mishmash io you:

  • Organize and store your data in collections, lists, maps, dicts, objects - the same scalars and data structures of your programming language
  • Use the full flexibility of your programming language to implement complex logic and pass it as a query algorithm to the database

So, instead of this:
select asdf;
...you do this:
select asdf;
And instead of this:
select asdf;
...you do this:
select asdf;

Follow the steps below to learn more about mishmash io.

For newcomers

Default alert:The Whys, Whens and Whats

If you haven't heard about mishmash io before, go through both documents below. They will help you put things into perspective.

Start with the basics

Default alert:The Basics

Get started with mishmash io through some quick tutorials and how-to's. Compare its features to other databases.

Learn how to develop with mishmash io

Default alert:The Details

Guides, code examples and mishmash io internals.

Dive into what else does mishmash io do for your programming language

Default alert:The Specifics

mishmash io manuals specific to each programming language

Get mishmash io up and running

Default alert:The Deployments

Instructions on how to spin up a mishmash io cluster in the cloud or on-prem

Warning alert:No standalone version yet

At the moment mishmash io operates in distributed mode only.

We're working on a standalone, single-node version that you can run on your laptop for local development or on a production server.

Follow our announcements on social media to get updated on future releases.

Get ideas about what else you can do with mishmash io

Default alert:The Resources

Tools and ideas on what else you can do with mishmash io.

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