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Try and use mishmash io for free

mishmash io is created by developers for developers. We strongly believe that it should be free to use by anyone who has an idea for a new app or algorithm and wants to develop it quickly.

However, as mishmash io was born distributed it still relies on a lot of additional infrastructure to run properly. Infrastructure that is available on the cloud or within companies' data centers, but not on a developer's laptop or home network.

Warning alert:No standalone version yet

At the moment mishmash io operates in distributed mode only.

We're working on a standalone, single-node version that you can run on your laptop for local development or on a production server.

Follow our announcements on social media to get updated on future releases.

Free cloud version for developers

To save you time installing and configuring clusters we're also running a free to use mishmash io cluster on our own cloud.

Trials and Proof-of-Concepts

Have an idea for an app, but not sure if you can design the right algorithms? We might be able to help - contact our tech team to arrange a Proof-of-Concept.

Open Source

We also believe mishmash io should be open source and you can find out more about all of our open source activities here.

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